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At Simplified Telecom, we understand the incredible amount of pressure our customers face to accomplish more and more each day.  That’s why we specialize in managing tech projects that internal teams may put off, such as:  widearea network migrations, choosing and implementing UCaaS, analyzing current technology service bills, even simple internet service orders.

 Since 2009 our customers have felt relieved, knowing they have offloaded time-consuming projects to specialists who they can trust to get the work done effectively while reducing costs.

Here’s what happens when we work together:

  • You share your project requirements with us

  • You receive a custom plan detailing how we will address your specific needs, including pricing options and projected timelines.

  • Your project gets completed without a major distraction to you or your team

Our 3 Core Services

Channel Partners

We represent a portfolio of top providers and understand their network maps, strengths, and weaknesses. We manage your service selection, pricing negotiation, order process, implementation, activation, billing, and on-going support. Popular products are UCaaS, SDWAN, and Dedicated Fiber Internet.

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Bill Audit Service

Most businesses don’t know how much they are overpaying their service providers. We cut operating costs by identifying and removing unnecessary charges on your bills from AT&T, Verizon, Centurylink, and all others.

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Special Projects

Too many projects, not enough time? We get it. Hire a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) so you can achieve even more.

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Simplified Telecom will:

  • Serve as your Communications Technology Advisor
  • Save you hours of time and aggravation, while reducing your costs
  • Deliver the best technology solutions to you regardless of vendor
  • Become an extension of your team making everyone happy!
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About Susie

Susan “Susie” Tranchilla Moore, Simplified Telecom Owner/Service Advisor

Since she first used a Commodore 64 computer in high school, Susie Tranchilla Moore has been fascinated with technology.  While in college at MIZZOU (University of Missouri) she managed the computer rooms and helped students with the mainframe and MAC projects.  Times have certainly changed, but Susie’s love for technology and desire to solve tech problems have remained constant.   Susie has previously held positions with communications technology giants such as AT&T, Verizon and Century Link, with a primary focus on helping enterprise business leaders understand and purchase complicated carrier services.  The sales teams she supported would welcome her way of making these services easier for them to understand.

As major carriers began to centralize customer support, Susie witnessed clients funneled to toll-free call centers.  Sales representatives were tasked with selling new solutions at the expense of servicing their existing clients. Companies found it increasingly difficult to provide top notch service to customers.

Realizing a true need in the marketplace, Susie began Simplified Telecom in 2009 to bring back the high level of service she learned in the early days of her career. After working with hundreds of clients across a variety of communications technology needs, she knows the key to success is understanding the client and their business initiatives and being able to create solutions in line with those initiatives.

Susie has the experience to provide important insight into the many different services found under the large communications technology banner.  Contact her now to get started with your next communications technology initiative!

Whether you need a full communications technology partner or just an outside adviser, Susan has the experience to provide important insight into the many different services found under the large communications technology banner.  Contact Susan now to get started with your next communications technology initiative! 

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