Stop Overpaying Technology Service Providers

  • Complicated bills and unnecessary charges drain your budget
  • Incorrect bills never fix themselves
  • This silent problem is costing you thousands of dollars
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It Pays to Have a Knowledgeable Analyst on Your Side

Cut Costs Without Taxing Your Team

Get the best pricing plans
Know that your bills match the contracted rates
Disconnect unnecessary services
Resolve any billing issues

Know Exactly What You Are Paying For

And why it's necessary

Outsource the Aggravation

Of working on complicated telecom bills

You CAN Optimize Services AND Cut Costs

We understand how important it is for your company to cut costs without impacting your critical technology services. Simplified Telecom has served technology leaders like you since 2009 saving them thousands of dollars of monthly recurring costs.

What our clients say:

"Instead of me trying to manage Simplified Telecom, Simplified was managing me and exceeding all my expectations.​"

- Stephanie, Director of IT, Global Manufacturing Company

"We recommend Simplified Telecom every chance we get.  After managing many painful migrations through the years, hiring Simplified was our best decision.  They made our new network migration easier than ever before.​"

- David, Chief Information Officer

"Susan has been easy to get in contact with, in real time, and has responded quickly to our questions and concerns.  I would recommend Simplified to all colleagues seeking a telecom representative.​"

- Mike, IT Director, National Architectural Service Company

Jerry, CIO of a national bank with 92 branch offices, “After our merger, we saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by engaging Simplified Telecom.  We would highly recommend them.”

Robert, Director of IT at a global brokerage firm with 700+ locations. “They identified a significant amount of savings in short order.  We would hire her in a heartbeat the next time the need arises.”

How It Works

Our clients cut costs and resolve inefficiencies.

Share Your Bills

You give us electronic access or hard-copy bills so we can document your current service details.

Review Recommendations

You receive a simple-to-read overview detailing every component & charge on your bills. Your executive summary defines cost-saving recommendations & how much you will save.

Cut Costs

Choose the changes you want us to implement and we go to work. Our service is turnkey and makes it super simple for you to cut costs effortlessly.

It’s Easy & Common to Overpay Telecom Providers

You would be amazed at how many businesses overpay telecom expenses. Why? Because the bills are so complicated that unless you’ve spent years working in the industry you rarely can decipher what you are paying for.​​

With Simplified,  you get a dedicated analyst focused on cutting out every unnecessary penny from your complicated bills. You supply electronic bill copies, we do the work, and you realize a welcome reduction in operating costs.

We know you want to focus on your most critical priorities, and a Telecom Expense Audit may sound distracting.  And that’s why businesses may put off a comprehensive audit.  But saving money is everyone’s priority! And that’s why we believe no company should overspend on telecom services that can be easily rectified by our team.  Provide us your bills and we will do all the work to show you how much you can save.

Become the Leader Who Achieves Even Greater Success

We understand how important it is for your company to cut costs without affecting your critical technology services. That’s why our team has been negotiating with telecom providers and fighting for leaders like you since 2009. Here is how we do it: First, provide your statements for us to analyze.  Then review our recommendations and decide which changes you would like implemented.  We do all the work while you stay focused on achieving your highest priorities.  Schedule your quick consult so you can stop overpaying the providers and instead become the leader who achieves even greater success.

Enjoy Simple, Flexible Payment Options

Pay as you go or pay when you save!

Pay As You Go

Billed hourly from your start date on a monthly, block of hours, basis until work is complete.

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Pay When You Save

Billed at the end of your project, we collect a percentage of your actual realized savings.

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