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Fiber, Broadband, and Wireless


Arm your team with the collaboration tools to achieve their highest results!

Avoid the Frustration of Purchasing and Managing Services All Alone

  • Time lost researching potential vendors
  • Dealing with incentivized salespeople with constant turnover
  • Confusing provider specific tech talk 
  • Delayed projects
  • Botched implementations
  • Chronic service issues
  • Unsolved billing problems
  • Feeling frustrated without support
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Efficient Vendor Selection Process

Become an educated buyer with a Technology Adviser on your side

Worry Free Implementations

Your service delivery will be supported by an adviser who has implemented hundreds of services.

Managed Activations

Your internal and external resources will be coordinated for a smooth activation.

Accurate Bills

Your bill will be reviewed for accuracy.

Ongoing Support

You gain an additional later of support through the life of your service.

We understand feeling bogged down with too many projects

We know you have tons of projects on your plate, and you want to spend your time on what matters most.  Choosing and implementing new technologies can take so much time and energy that sometimes, important projects get put on the back burner.  We understand how you feel!  That’s why we have been trusted advisers to multitudes of businesses since 2009.  

Here’s how it works: Step 1: Schedule your free Quick Consult where we will guide you through a set of questions to identify your specific needs.  Step 2: We will find your best fit providers and get quotes from the top options.  You feel confident knowing that you are making the best decision.  Step 3: We manage the implementation of your services while you stay focused on your highest priorities, knowing that your technology project is being managed by professionals with your best interest in mind.  So schedule your Quick Consult so you can stop wasting resources and start making an even bigger impact.

What our clients say:

"Instead of me trying to manage Simplified Telecom, Simplified was managing me and exceeding all my expectations.​"

- Stephanie, Director of IT, Global Manufacturing Company

"We recommend Simplified Telecom every chance we get.  After managing many painful migrations through the years, hiring Simplified was our best decision.  They made our new network migration easier than ever before.​"

- David, Chief Information Officer

"Susan has been easy to get in contact with, in real time, and has responded quickly to our questions and concerns.  I would recommend Simplified to all colleagues seeking a telecom representative.​"

- Mike, IT Director, National Architectural Service Company

Getting started is simple

We are supplier neutral advisers who work for YOU not the service provider.

Quick Consult

In a simple 20-minute call, a friendly adviser gathers your requirements and defines the next steps​.

Short List Review

You get a short list of best-fit providers according to your specific locations and requirements.

Choose With Confidence

You become an educated shopper without the hassle of dealing with the vendors directly.  Making the best choice is easy when you have a neutral adviser on your side​.

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Why use a Channel Partner instead of buying directly from the provider?

We are independent Channel Partners who do not work for any single company, we work for you!  We represent providers like AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, and many others.  We understand their service offerings, pricing plans, and network maps.  

Gathering quotes is much easier when you engage a Channel Partner because you share your requirements with us one time and we gather quotes from several different providers.​​

Whether you purchase directly from the provider or through a Channel Partner, you receive the same exact service: agreements, network, bills, and post sales customer service/repair.  The difference is you get a dedicated advisor to help with any questions/complexities every step of the way, for the life of your service.

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